Ana te Kōtiro is a multi-disciplinary artist; musician, actor, director, film & theatre maker, illustrator, animator! More at her website: Kōtiro Publishing Giant.

Force Field!

Force Field is the first single from the forth-coming EP, High Def Multi National, a collaboration with Thomas Arbor and joint-release with Kuini Qontrol! Listen/download here:


"The video is about death, then getting up and carrying on. The song is like a karakia asking one to have the courage to do that. I felt like Hine Titama’s transition into Hine Nui Te Pō is such an epic allegory for that shift."

Read more & get to know the artistic Māori/Jewish planet that is Ana Chaya Scotney with this great interview on Kuini Qontrol!


Shot & edited by: Sam Small
Performance direction: Frankie Berge

Shot on location at White's Beach, Anawhata.

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