"Prepare to be absolutely floored..." (Pantograph Punch)

"... a vibrant cross between sound art and music." (RNZ)

"Ana... is a national treasure..." (UTR)

KŌTIRO is Ana Chaya Scotney, the Māori Jewish shape-shifting artist who this February releases her album ‘High-Def Multinational’.

Following her revered debut single ‘Force Field’ last September, Scotney now drops a potent concept album which ‘unpacks the complexities of place and belonging in Aotearoa today, from a Kōtiro frame of mind.

Citing musical influences ranging from M.I.A & Death Grips to her South Pacific label-mates on Kuini Qontrol and Sonorous Circle, Scotney (alongside co-producer Thomas Arbor) is exploring new sonic land - both the scrappy and sculpted.

Building from KŌTIRO’s original ‘high-vibe bedroom demos, the finished result is a dense collage which has been two years in the making. A karanga, an orator, a spine-tingling call to arms, High-Def Multinational is a lush and spirit-rich package of songs.

Interview (Feb 2021):

Ana talks of her recent adventures, inspiration for the EP, working with Kuini Qontrol and what comes next > Read the full interview

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