Paperghost is:
Zach Webber. Currently based in Wellington, NZ.

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SC Interview (2014)


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SCR040 – This Is A Miracle Village
Released 26th June 2019

SCR038 – A Million Dead Dust Motes Hum To Life
Released 5th December 2018.

SCR030 – Signal Fingers
Released 15th April 2015.

7 tracks : 28 minutes : “… a cycle of densely layered songs born from intricate stories and environments. Surreal and architectural…” – (Martyn Pepperell,

SCR007 – The Teledermatologist Handbook

Veils of dust gather on layers of jostling sonic dimensions teetering on the edge of intelligibility like crumbling electroacoustic concrete, but dressed up as the most imaginative, fragile, ornate and paranormal pop music to be made in the 1940s. Macro, meso and micro-sound magic!



paperghostmusic (at)


Still Talking Tongues Videoclip

A videoclip for the track Still Taling Tongues from my latest album.

I decided to release an unearthed/embarrassing home made horror movie my Brother and I made when I was about 12. All the hallmarks of great film making are present, slick editing, a stellar actor who never looks straight at the camera and cutting edge special effects.

The videoclip also includes a slightly extended version of the track.

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Recharted Interview

An interview about my latest releases and music in general with the excellent Finn, available for listen here…

Recharted 50 – Paperghost – Thanks to NZ On Air Music

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This Is A Miracle Village

New LP!

This album is my first fully instrumental release. Exploring West Coast synthesis combined with collage’d samples, field recordings and live instrumentation. Tape wear and degradation interplay the soundscapes to create an aged warped sound throughout the album. Created after watching too many hippie-cult documentaries the album acts as a kind of crypto soundtrack, a soundtrack for a film that does not exist.

Available on bandcamp here >


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Experiments, improvs and jams

I’ve made a few new recordings of live experiments, improvs and jams.

Red Language, a little beat driven improv with an old casio playing around with washes of ambient keyboard over a cut up sample driven beat

Giant Quiet City, experimenting with an aleatoric soundscape over harmony from a piece featured on the teledermatologist handbook release

Sugar Eyed Beast, clattering poly-meter automated percussion combined with samples from an mbira

Scribbling Skulls in Textbooks, chopping up samples from a playground game collaged with woodwind sampled percussion and live bowed acoustic guitar

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Common Household Ceremony

An experimental improvised solo jam, this time focused around an aleatoric sequencer, glockenspiel robots and samples pulled from community radio.

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