I’m starting to release pieces of music that don’t fit in one way or another with the other stuff I have been making so ended up getting a bit discarded. I’m going to keep adding to this album to build a kind of musical lost and found.

These are the first couple of tracks…

But it would seem like a roaring black abyss to a small bird or an overly sensitive person is a track based around collage’d ukelele, the singing nunn and a cb radio how-to record. It’s a more pure collage piece of music than most I’ve made recently and it develops and collapses very quickly, but I’m still happy with it.

Among the Twigs is a piece experimenting with bowed guitar, granular synthesis and processing vocals through so much resonance they become abstracted and washy.

Available here https://paperghost.bandcamp.com/album/an-antique-automobile-slowly-sinking-into-the-earth