Works for Loudspeakers #24

Works For Loudspeakers is a platform for emerging and established composers working in the field of electro-acoustic music.

Many thanks to the composers for their work! More info and previous compilations available here.


Artist bio and track info:

1. BJ Leo - LS1.1

Programme Note:
"This piece was originally composed for 16 channel spatialisation as part of the sonic arts programme at Te Kōki - NZSM. The track draws on Albert Bregman's theories in sonic fission (along with spatial phasing) to deconstruct more familiar musical elements in an ambisonic environment."

3. Andrew Reddy - Transmutations

Programme note:
Transmutations' recontextualizes the background noises of a chemistry laboratory and transmutes them into an immersive soundscape. Extensive manipulation of these sounds emphasises their often ignored musicality and these are contrasted by more traditional orchestral instruments. The piece is built upon a droning sonification of the magnetic resonance of atomic nuclei and is completed with a recording of Robert B Woodward extolling the beauty of chemical synthesis.

Andrew Reddy is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist from Kildare, Ireland, now based in Wellington, New Zealand. He works to create immersive ambient soundscapes, emotive melodies and repugnant noise. Often fusing disparate sound sources such as wildlife recordings and sounds generated from data from his scientific research, his composition process is as much an exploration of sound as a phenomenon as it is an attempt to craft intriguing sonic aesthetics.



4. Jessica Robinson - landing

Programme note:
landing is a soundscape exploring additive, subtractive and FM synthesis, created in the audio coding language SuperCollider. These techniques are used to generate atmospheric textures and events with varying degrees of familiarity and earthliness, investigating a sense of exploration."

Jessica Robinson a composer and sound artist from Tāmaki Makaurau, currently studying composition and mechatronics engineering at UoA. Her practice focuses on integrating these fields, through software-based sound design, composition and digital musical instrument design.



6. Ryan Smith - Language Lessons in Hyperspace

Programme note:
This track began life as an installation soundscape for an experimental theatre production. As I reworked it, I was thinking of psychonaut, Terence McKenna’s many accounts of entities he encountered in what he believed was another dimension after taking DMT. He described them as vibrating, jewelled, floating beings that looked something like constantly morphing, luminescent Fabergé Eggs. They spoke in a “coloured language” that became visible as they uttered the sounds, and they began playfully “‘singing’ bizarre objects into existence”. The objects were made of a similar jewelled “living opalescent” “translinguistic matter” that the entities were made up of themselves. They encouraged McKenna to try to produce objects with his own voice, an experience he described as receiving “language lessons in hyperspace”.

The music is created mostly from various gamelan instrument samples that I recorded shortly after returning from an intense three-month scholarship in Java, where I’d furthered my gamelan studies. The sampled voice is by Wellington singer, Emma Kaloay.

Ryan Smith is a Pōneke-based composer and sound designer. He has made music for theatre productions (including the award-winning Traces: Ghosts from the Archives based on accounts of ghosts from Aotearoa’s history), radio features, installations and films (including animated shorts, and contributing Giallo-inspired horror music to the Troma film Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation). Recent standalone music projects include collaborations with Marc Chesterman - Loop Zones and a remix for Marc’s Woodenhead Reimagined album.




7. Skymning - Resignation

Programme note:
"Resignation - unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission. Created around a hardware performance recorded at 11:50pm 12/04/2022 in Tūrangi, Aotearoa. Bass and strings added subsequently."



8. notv - dk52am

Programme note:
Recordings and manipulations by jmz rbnsn

etching out electro-aucousto noise for thirty years, utilizing an arsenal of odd-ball sound implements, some fx pedals, some chutzpah and a lot of luck… computer programmes too...


9. Ivan Clayden - IHC011

Programme note:
Sounds of Te Araroa, created using field recordings taken on the Northern sections of Te Araroa.


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