Works for Loudspeakers #22

Works For Loudspeakers is a platform for emerging and established composers working in the field of electro-acoustic music. Many thanks to the composers for their work! More info and previous compilations available here.


Artist bio and track info:

1. Band Sensations - When The Dogs Die

Programme Note:
When the Dogs Die can also be found on Band Sensations' debut album, Flames in the trees, come be with me (April 2021).

This album was launched by scenic driving tours in the Dunedin Fringe Festival, and the band thinks it makes for good travelling music, as well as loudspeaker booms and bops.

Band Sensations is Siân Torrington, Amos Mann and Creek Waddington. They performed their first gig at Pyramid Club in Wellington in 2014.

2. Gemma Notara - APOCA2020

Programme note:
APOCA2020 is an audiovisual account of the catastrophic 2020 bushfires that decimated Australia's Southeast coastline. The artist used original footage and recordings taken during the fires to compose a short audiovisual work both as a way of processing the trauma of surviving a natural disaster, and to appease the inevitable terror of climate anxiety.

Gemma Notara is a composer, sound and video artist living on Gadigal land. Gemma’s work incorporates the organics of acoustic instruments, interwoven with digital manipulation and electronics to create beautiful illusive soundworlds for the listener in both composed acousmatic work and live multi-disciplinary performance.

Link to the accompanying video art piece to APOCA2020

3. harbourcalm - Jean's Piano 017

Programme Note:
My grandmother Jean loved to play piano, she was often tinkering away, playing by ear and singing, at home in Whitianga. I recorded her doing this a long time ago and had always intended to create something from that. I took phrases of the original recording and sampled it, playing it back via a midi keyboard. Playing the sample is like playing any instrument - pitches and notes are layered, new chords and combinations form. Plus controlling the envelope and fx. I had fun remembering my grandmother's joy at playing piano.

Bandcamp link for this work: https://harbourcalm.bandcamp.com/releases

Though often involved with soundtrack projects, Chestermans’ roots are in rock bands and electronic sound manipulation. In the 90’s & 00’s Lushburger, Sudersuk and Audible3 all made releases and performances.

Alongside this he worked with film-maker Florian Habicht, composing for Spookers, Love Story, Land of the Long White Cloud, Rubbings From a Live Man, Kaikohe Demolition, Woodenhead and Liebestraume. There are soundtrack albums for Woodenhead and Spookers which Chesterman produced. He also did a bunch of theatre soundtracks, most notably for Lemi Ponifasio’s MAU company.

Current music projects include Loop Zones with Ryan Smith, and Woodenhead: Reimagined, a compilation of songs inspired by the music of Woodenhead. Based in Wellington, he combines composition and music with work for RNZ and Sky TV.


4. Miles Sutton - YEAR


Miles Sutton is a songwriter from Kawerau.

Instagram: @Wedding_DJ_
New band instagram: @welcomerwelcomer

5. Doda Lingua - Li Be Ra Ta Da

Programme Note:
Li Be Ra Ta Da is a track made during pandemic times. Libertad in spanish means "Freedom" which was exactly what we are lacking during 2020 and 2021, the name is a modified version of Libertad- Li Be Ra Ta Da. It is an electro-acoustic experimental piece made with bongos, thumb piano, acoustic guitar, human voice, tambourine, casiotone, pre-recorded sounds of Garage Band software, recorded and mixed in Garage Band using a built-in Macbook Air microphone and headset inside my bedroom.

Doda Lingua is a solo project by Karla Ramirez. She is a Peruvian biologist and vocal artist who likes to experiment with voice, language, objects, landscapes, sounds and sensations. The project started in Lima, Perú in 2008, and has travelled with Karla to the Amazon rainforest and New Zealand, places where she used to live. She has an EP with the Peruvian experimental music label Buh Records, has participated in sonic arts exhibitions and compilation albums, and is currently working a in movie project with the Peruvian director Mario Castro Cobos.

Doda Lingua SoundCloud
Doda Lingua EB (Buh Records)

6. Kraus - Talking to Myself and Feeling Old

Kraus (a.k.a. Pat Kraus) is a producer of psychedelic music from Tamaki Makaurau.


7. Destroy With Science - The System

Programme Note:
Composed and produced by Matt McKegg (aka DESTROY WITH SCIENCE)
Featuring spoken word by Steve Mould (used with permission)


8. Kirsten Strom - Breath

Programme Note:
In the beginning, God breathed into us the breath of life... (Recap: You're not gonna like this next bit...) Free will shatters perceptions of perfection, wreaking havoc on trust, till Christ's resurrection, poking holes in our peace, prosperity and essence of LIFE. LIFE. LIFE.

BREATH inspiring music, fuelling life, proliferating into woodwinds, brass and choirs, rugged as a rag Monday mornin', gentle as a breeze when baby's sleepin', calling at you, "Come on in for dinner!", LIFE on fast-forward, can't you catch it? Lack of air breeds desperation, becoming the source of nightmares. BREATH is the symbol of our earthly cares. BREATH is the legacy of our human forbears. BREATH, the signature of our fallen race. BREATH, the herald of returning to faith. JESUS CHRIST and His resurrection-LIFE.

Based entirely on a clip of the composer breathing, this work is an exploration of how one sound can be expanded, stretched and shattered to produce a piece. It follows a cycle of broken sleep, dipping in and out of wakefulness and nightmare, pursued by the demons that haunt this fallen world.

Peace be upon you.

Kirsten Strom is a young New Zealand composer, conductor and creative writer. Her award-winning music has been performed internationally and aired on national radio. She draws from mixed media, social concerns, the Bible, and the complex beauty of nature.

Career highlights include being mentored by Kaija Saariaho at Etchings Festival, attending Asian Composers League Festival 2018 with her choral work ‘Ktisis’, and holding the young composer residency with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. In 2019 she released her first album Wavering Lines (SDL Music) and relocated to London for a Master of Music with the Royal Academy of Music

FB: https://www.facebook.com/kstromcomposer
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kirstenstrom.nz/

10. Nathan Taare - Tāwhirimātea

Programme Note:
This piece is based around sounds from a sculpture by the artist, comprised of bamboo chimes hanging in Owen St Park, Newtown.

"The Chimes were hung in a way to represent the eyes of Tāwhirimātea (Māori god of wind). The sculpture is a tribute to Matariki and the wind that Wellington is so famous for. Each chime clackers as the wind blows, and these sounds correspond with the sparkling of the Matariki constellation above, Tāwhirimātea’s eyes.

"All of the sounds were recorded at the site on a ZOOM. The chimes were recorded along with other environmental sounds. I also took along a Deluge (battery powered synthesizer) and improvised some stuff to accompany the natural sounds. All things recorded that day were inspired by the elements and energies of the site."


11. Synthesised Waves - Technological Turmoil

Programme Note:
I explore and expand upon previous tracks recording sounds we don’t normally pay attention to throughout the concrete jungle of Wellington. These sounds upon being heard in everyday life would be considered a nuisance or disturbing. As such I wanted to craft a track using these sounds, the track
features sound from speaker static to car park automatic doors within Wellington. These seemingly annoying technology-based sounds are then portrayed in a state of confusion and unrest hench the name Technological Turmoil.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/synthesizedwaves/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SynthesizedWaves
Bandcamp: https://synthesizedwaves.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6aGHtLO1Z0vzEaMAqVr1E2?si=Fxzu67TrQu-1ny3r_Qh7Qg
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/synthesizedwaves/1560455744

12. Zachary Backdrop - H.T

Programme Note:
H.T is an experimental track playing with tape distortion and modular synthesis.

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