Works for Loudspeakers #23

Works For Loudspeakers is a platform for emerging and established composers working in the field of electro-acoustic music.

Many thanks to the composers for their work! More info and previous compilations available here.


Artist bio and track info:

1. Jonathan Cruz - Concrete Scenery

Programme Note:
"This piece was originally written for 8 speakers."


2. Châu - Alone

Programme note:
Hopefully, the track name speaks for itself as to my idea of making it. Alone is a soft blend of ambient sounds accompanied by heavy bass. Features the Monochord, which is one of the traditional Vietnamese instruments. Obliviously in a way, I put myself into this track, many personal feelings more than I intended at the start.

Châu, aka MILKCAT, is a young Vietnamese Producer based in Naarm – Melbourne. She believes that music is to tell stories and strong evidence of self-expression. Her style of music will be nothing like what you would expect, influenced by a variety of genres, and it shows very well in her work.


3. Aotūroa - Rūaumoko (The Awakening of Aotearoa)

Programme note:
Rūaumoko (The Awakening of Aotearoa) explores the element of Fire and its role in the formation of Aotearoa. The interaction between stone, fire and clay ponga ihu tell the story of the arrival of Te Wai Pounamu and Te Ika A Maui.

Aotūroa - World Of Light - Nature.
Aotūroa strives to create a harmony between worlds and unite the listener through Taonga Pūoro, ambient textures and rhythm.

A full biography and links to purchase music and merchandise, as well as all socials can be found at tomscrase.com

4. Dream Chambers - Patch 5

Programme note:
"I was gifted some time with the mighty Moog Model 10 and Model 15. Controlled here using Make Noise Maths and Function modules. Sequenced using the Elektron Digitakt. Samples of my voice played by The Make Noise Morphagene and modulated by the Model 10."

Dream Chambers is the name for APRA award-winning singer-songwriter Jess Chambers' ethereal electronic music.



Watch Patch 5 played live >>

5. Nick Hunter & Jeremy Hunter - Atavistic 1 + 2

Programme note:
These two pieces are the first experimental collaborations between classical composer/pianist Nick Hunter and his brother Jeremy Hunter. Short piano motives over a bed of textures and ambiences attempting to mix modern classical with sonic art/electronic elements.

Nick Hunter:

Jeremy Hunter:

6. Mark Donlon - Horcum

Programme note:
Mark Donlon is a UK-born composer/musician/producer. He decided to finally settle in in Aotearoa in 2020. He lectures in music at the New Zealand School of Music where teaches jazz and improvisation. He performs live as DJ CZiGO and is also a regular presenter for Radioactive fm's Deep show.

Horcum is a sound-picture of a mysterious place up in in the North Yorkshire Moors in Northern England. The Hole of Horcum is a massive natural amphitheatre, a mile across and with 400-foot banks. It is linked to ancient Celtic tribal legends. On clear windy days, clouds form and flit quickly across this landscape, then dissolve just as quickly as they pass.

7. Thomas Arbor - Encoded

Programme note:
"This track was originally created to accompany a light installation by Jason Longstaff. Large geometric patterns of string held in circular frames and lit neon with UV lights, suspended high above a forest walkway in Pukekura Park for the Taranaki Festival of Lights."

"Thomas Arbor is a composer, producer and audio engineer based in Pōneke, Aotearoa."


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