A sonic record of the nuclear non-event. Post-industrial electronics, drone, noise, and hostile ambience. The physical release features a companion text by writer and non-musician Jared Wells.

“Voronoi’s full-length debut is named after the most “irradiated, nuclear-blasted spot on the face of the earth”––Yucca Flat being home to over 730 nuclear tests. Yucca Flat, Nevada examines that intimidating statistic, and all the friction and hostility it entails, via immersive and unnerving drones. […] Voronoi conjures an often sinister tenor on Yucca Flat, Nevada, with dire tidings expressed via minimalist movements and an evocative atmosphere maintained throughout. Some of that atmosphere reflects the aforementioned exploration of memory and nostalgia—that feel of time and place. However, the album also features towering, widescreen moments. Such as on the eponymous opening track, where waves of electronics, both cruel and kind, sweep a massive tide of noise over a panoramic soundscape.” - Craig Hayes @ Six Noises


VMR Recordings // 01/15/2016
released January 15, 2016

Production, mastering and graphic design - Richard B. Keys
Text - Jared Wells

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