Runtime ∞ 44:15

Erin K Taylor ∞ Percussion, 1/4″ Tape
Matt Faisandier ∞ Electric Guitar ∞ Mix & Master
Scott McLatchlie ∞ Live Visuals
Cover Photo ∞ Pip Clark

Reflections ∞ Will Tremain

…Tides of distant, thunderous drum swelled and receded while ominous guitar ambience gave voice to a world awakening. Soundscapes were endowed with a kind of sentience that spoke themes of cyclic evolution and regeneration, varied waves of intensity growing exponentially, each time returning as if a new incarnation, born from the eroded memory of sections before…


Recorded ∞ Live ∞ Magnet Studios ∞ Melbourne Australia ∞ 22nd July 2017
released January 13, 2018

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