This year ‘Like Splitting the Head from the Body’ by WOMB has been reimagined by eight producers across China and Aotearoa in this special remix album ‘Like Splitting the Head from the Body: Remixes.’

Inspired by DJ SNAKELEGS’ remix of ‘Blow You Away’ from drummer Georgette Brown’s mixtape for the MESH mix series, the project was developed during the period surrounding WOMB’s ten-date tour of China in July. The resulting compilation brings together participating artists from the tour and associated friends, including Shishi (South Acid Mimi), Zhuoling (Wednesday’s Trip), thruoutin (Seippelabel, Jingweir), Sugarman (Angry Navel, Deep Water), Ex Luna (a.k.a. Shii), DAO (Dumb Sound Records) and Kaishandao, the musical alias of WOMB’s tour organiser Kiwese.

Featuring a mélange of interpretations from Pōneke to Chengdu, these eight beautiful tracks have been meticulously chopped, flipped and recreated without stems as eight distinctive bodies of work that draw upon genres ranging from ambient, IDM and experimental to electro pop, house and techno. Coordinated by Kiwese and mastered back by Thomas at Sonorous Circle, these remixes come to you as a cross-Pacific collaboration full of love.



该项目的灵感来自于DJ SNAKELEGS 制作的《Blow You Away》歌迷混音,收录于子宫乐队鼓手Georgette Brown 发布在MESH 网站混音系列的混音带中。该项目构想于子宫乐队于7月在中国十地巡演期间,汇集了参与巡演的艺术家和朋友,包括施施(南方酸性咪咪),卓玲(星期三旅行),thruoutin(Seippelabel,Jingweir),输哥曼(愤怒的肚脐,Deep Water),Ex Luna(又名Shii) ,DAO(哑音唱片)和开山刀(子宫乐队巡演组织者别名)。

八首优美的曲目被从惠灵顿到成都的艺术家重新联合演绎,历经悉心拆分、翻转和重新制作。所有作品是八种独特的作品,风格从环境音乐,智能舞曲和实验音乐到电子流行乐,浩室和科技舞曲等不尽相同。混音曲目由奇艺思统筹,并由Thomas 在惠灵顿的Sonorous Circle 制成母带,它们是充满爱意的跨太平洋合作的结晶。
released November 28, 2019

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