Floating Music, Volume 1 by M Faisandier
Released 19th March 2022

"Floating Music Volume 1 is a piece composed using processed electric guitar which gently drifts and dances with and within the currents of a transmuting stratospheric field of all.

"It is created during, of and for our time. That being a time of seismic shifts in the flow of eco-enviro-socio-political matters, under which boils and bubbles the mythology of experience, from which erupts the understanding and application of the quality of time we spend embodied here together in the physical.

"It is just as suitably enjoyed in it's entirety as it is in drips and globules, and both as an all-enveloping mind-body melt or as an aside to personal endeavours such as study, yoga, stargazing, milking the cows etc etc

"However, let me not instruct you the ways one might enjoy this gift, suffice it to say to please simply enjoy it." - M Faisandier

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