This recording marks our first time performing together, and also the meeting of person between Erin, Immy, and I in December, 2017. The improvised recording is awash with the weather conditions at the time – the strong morning rain drenching the garden at Magnet, the studio where this work was performed and recorded. Eventually becoming the evening rain. it had subdued to a gentle drip when we began recording.

We amplified drip into the Spatial Studio using a wireless contact mic on the water tank in which it sounded. It is from this unlikely hollow that emerged the introductory pulse felt in the opening ebb and flow of ‘Mould Me’.

“You never know which little fish will be eaten, or which will survive and finally grow legs and walk on shore”˚

Michael Adams ˚describes the unmediated body free-diving as ‘mirroring our time in the tiny sea of the amniotic sac,’ he was expressing the unique relationship between humans and oceans that has existed for all time. To physically and psychologically equalize, to float then breathe, hold, unravel, and unfear sinking is to… more
released November 11, 2019

M Faisandier – electric guitar, recording & post production.
Erin K Taylor – percussion, 1/4″ tape
Immy Chuah – voice, 1/4″ tape

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