From Void, unbounded empty (w)hole
Divide, unravel and lift untold
Arcane structure, present form
Diversify in Unity

Sound, resound and resonate
In strength our voices fill our plates
Hyper-colour stories here translate
Transfigured destiny

Opening into altered other
Spectral offerings from Mother, Father
Level the world in travelling far beyond
Fissures in Harmony…

Released July 22, 2017


Produced & Recorded by Matt Faisandier at Magnet Studio, Melbourne Australia 2016 -2017

The Convoy is:

Matt Faisandier – Electric Guitar

Erin K Taylor – Percussion & 1/4″ Tape & misc.


Lloyd Honeybrook – not sax

Carly Fern – Vocals

Scott McLachtlie – Analogue video summing


Heh – 3.26

Rainbow Bridge – 11.48

Second Alembic – 16.43



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