Thanks to those who donated to the Boosted campaign Stella and Jason were able to travel to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival & show the fifth season of The Basement Tapes, 29 times in a single month at Summerhall!

Awards were won (Fringe First & Best Performance), shows were sold out & people had many nice things to say, including the following reviews:

“…superb use of the basement space at Summerhall, maximising its potential for claustrophobia and intimacy.”The Stage, UK

“Static builds, rattling and roaring. Thomas Lambert’s sound design adds almost imperceptible layers to the haunting – or, layers you don’t notice until it’s far too late. The lighting is subtle – until a fuse has blown, and you’re alone in the dark with a disembodied voice asking more questions than anyone could answer. As the line between reality, memory and… something else… becomes blurrier, you’ll be grateful if you’re sat with your back against the wall.”The Skinny, UK

Next up, Perth! Jan/Feb 2019