I’ve got the outline of a circle tattooed on my forearm. It serves to remind me that what is inside the boundary is the same as what is outside of the boundary. The beautiful thing about working with sound is that it constantly enhances a sense of the borderlessness of self and other, you and the environment that you are in/of. A sounding is initiated well before it becomes audible, welling from deep within the sounding ‘object’ and to be heard the vibration must pass into another being, being received by the entirety of the being. ‘You’ extend all the way out, ‘It’ reaches all the way in. The environment here is very present, filled with very tangible and powerful presence; as well as soft delicate beauty ease and unfolding. Forming connection with this new land has been a very deep honour, in states of deep listening I’ve been treated to some deep moments of awe and connection with environment, being here and in it has allowed me to form new ways of being. Everything reflecting back on itself infinitely.

I’ve noticed here that everything melds together, everything is constantly becoming one again.

The trees merge together, not shying apart.
Caressing, supporting, filtering, under and over. Roots weave, cascade, mingle, hold.
No clear distinction as to who is who.
Separation dissolves to merged oneness of the greater, larger being.
Infinite variety and paths
Curves, returns
Growing together

I journey to Pari-whero on a day with never ending rain. I’ve been told I must visit.

Māori stories tell of Kupe (a great Polynesian explorer, who named the islands in Wellington Harbour after his daughters) leaving to explore further, away for so long that his people despaired. In grief, the daughters stood on the rocks and gashed themselves, in another version one of his daughters threw herself from the cliff tops to the rocks below. Gashed or dashed.  The place became known as Pari-whero. Red with the blood of Kupe’s daughters.

I stand on a red rock, sinking into the place
Through the rain a segment of rainbow appears
Struck by the beauty/awe/blessing of the moment – grief and deep old emotion wells up
I close my eyes, let out a sob, a tear falls from each eye.
I reopen my eyes and the rainbow has grown, reaching all the way to meet the ocean


It’s a very eternal woman’s place. I feels like I have been one in a line of many that have stood in that place and had the ocean and the rocks reach up, draw out and release grief. I feel connected to a line of women reaching back to the ancients feeling, holding, releasing.

Many times I have found myself moved (and at times overwhelmed) by how much spirit is infused into the landscape here. I’ve never had so much unseen ‘speak’ so loudly. Here I’ve experienced the tangible presence of larger and deeper intelligences. I’ve tuned in as it’s tuned me in, listening deeply we’ve met on a wavelength. Impressions passed, intuiting the inexpressible, communications had.

Euclidian geometry has no place here. A cold hard conceptual system so far removed from what manifests on this physical plane as to be redundant. Everything curves, bends and twists. An intelligence so great as to be unrecreatable by the human mind, yet if we flow we can move with it. To think that the monkeys that came out of, and were shaped by these forces/intelligence could ever be capable of mastery over the Mother is a dangerous fantasy, the adherence to which quickens our path to destruction every day.