Works for Loudspeakers #26

Works For Loudspeakers is a platform for emerging and established composers working in the field of electro-acoustic music.

Many thanks to the composers for their work! More info and previous compilations available here.


Artist bio and track info:

1. KSKS - Papakōrito

Programme Note:
This soundscape was commissioned by Sarah Hudson, artist and founding member of Kauae Raro, for Sarah's 2023 video work responding to takatāpuitanga, in connection with whenua, with rocks, and water. Working in collaboration, Kahu Kutia and Sylvan Spring began with a field recording from Papakōrito, a waterfall in Te Urewera, where Kahu is from. In Papakōrito, Kahu and Sylvan sit in conversation, binding together the sounds that are familiar to each. Ambient sounds, timestretched strings, synths, taonga puoro, the clatter of a chain, the clash of a rock, field recordings, whispers, low humming. Responding to the brief as partners, they consider their own relationship to each other, and to the whenua.

"Kahu Kutia (Ngāi Tūhoe) (she/they) is a writer, artist, and general haututū born and raised in Te Urewera. Her work has primarily been as a storyteller, writer, and visual creative, but in finding community with taonga puoro players in Te Whanganui-a-Tara she's finally found a way to connect with the process of music making as ritual, as wānanga. She is a member of Kauae Raro Research Collective.

Sylvan Spring (Irish, Scottish, Ngāi Pākehā) (they/them) is a writer and music maker who grew up in Te Whanganui-ā-Tara. They are learning to find joy and exploration in creative works again. Sylvan has DJ'd under the moniker Bornhag, as well as collaborating on a variety of music projects. They have a book of poetry called killer rack in the works to be published in 2024."

3. Aigis Asunder - Approximate To Awakening

Programme note:
A tender study with a crude sampler.

Matt Asunder (they/them) also plays instruments for CALL CENTRE and organises events/videography for BONDST.


4. ee / ve - τριάντα τρία

Programme note:
Year: 2020
Credit: Sivasubramania Swami Kovil, Colombo

5. Mad Decorator! - Mōrena

Programme Note:
In frozen time, on new ground, a coincidental yet inevitable convergence and motion towards an inscrutable, breathtaking future.

Mad Decorator! is an electro-acoustic music producer who works with original sounds to access pure emotion and energy in an authentic and unique way.


6. LaurenDoherty - Submerged Forests

Programme note:
This piece was inspired by the transcendental nature of being immersed in native NZ forests. This composition aims to be an interactive soundscape, encouraging you to close your eyes and walk through the forest in your mind - to let yourself be taken in its footsteps; through the undergrowth, alongside the river, up to the waterfall, and down into the icy clear pool at its base.

Lauren Doherty is an 18 year old multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer based in Pōneke, studying at the NZSM.


7. Gitanjali Bhatt - chhotti zameen

Gitanjali Bhatt (b.1999 UK) is a Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist, interested in things that come out of spontaneous experimentation. She draws deeply from ideas of makeshift/invented instruments, traditional South Asian folk, fast rhythms and dance music. She embraces things falling apart, mechanical glitches and sounds moving in and out of time, shifting through landscapes of harmony and arbitrary discord.


10. Alter Natural - Element I: Water

Programme Note:
Element I: Water' is the first piece of a 4-part body of acousmatic soundscape works, 'Angstrom: Elements'. These pieces, themed around the classical elements (water, fire, air, and earth), aim to traverse and immerse the listener in the multifarious motions, evolutions, and manifestations of these natural elements. Further, through surreal textural and spectral augmentations, the works metaphorically reveal the sublimity of the eternal chaos and complexity of the natural world. In this first work, several naturalistic waterscapes are augmented with surreal, chaotic, tonal layers, illustrating the beautiful, awe-inspiring fluidity and relentless dynamic motion of water - from cave droplets and rainstorms to crashing waves and undulations of undersea bubbles.

This project was the result and partial namesake of a year-long research endeavour designing and exploring a custom delay-line granular synthesiser, 'Angstrom'. As such, 'Angstrom: Elements' is entirely constructed from raw sounds recorded out of Angstrom, with some basic additional mixing for cohesion purposes.

Alter Natural' is the project alias of Wellington-based sonic artist and multi-instrumental musician Nathan Carter. Nathan's music covers a wide range of genres and influences - he's spent many years producing electronica/EDM, acoustic/orchestral, and ambient works, with several dozen tracks released under his Alter Natural project. Having recently (2019-2022) completed Bachelor and Honours study in Sonic Arts and Music Technology at the New Zealand School of Music, he's extended his practice with a versatile portfolio in sound design/acousmatic composition, audio-visual artworks, software tools, and film scoring/audio. His project 'Angstrom: Elements' is perhaps the most significant project to come out of his recent study, and will be fully released online in the near future.


11 - Thorin - Pandemonium

No info supplied.

12 - Infinite Hex - Where Brain Cells Go To Die

Infinite Hex is a "riffs, synths, blasts, noise" project of drum/synth/guitar maestro Otis Chamberlain (Deathtrippa, Akaname, Ornithologist).

Programme Note:
From the album Simulacrum & Stimuli


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