M Faisandier

Taming Power of the Small

Electric Guitar & 1/4" Tape - 35 Mins
Released 21 February 2021

35 minutes of entrancing electro-magnetic intrigue unravel. A world is birthed. A sentience is bestowed. Breathe develops. Levity ushers and guides, reaching deep inside a golden core, reflecting, awakening an eternal force that grants this cosmic nebula a life unto itself.

2nd February 2019

Before recording I consult my Tarot. Under candlelight I enter trance, Punctured, my attention is drawn to a sticky wet fluid running down my shuffling hands. A small cut invites blood to flow. Missing time, I gather the blood has been accruing on the cards, bonded together, healed, in this unconscious sacrifice. The recorder is stopped, temporarily.
Lights on, cloth procured, I begin to clean. Each and every one. Spread out, resting in front of me, drying. An epic spread which brings the immense totality of the tree of life into unwavering focus.
Lights off, the recorder starts.

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