Following the paths worn by Pauline Oliveros and Alice Coltrane Erin K Taylor presents a sense-scape.

SOURCE is an experiment in collapsed time, exploring the possibility of simultaneous tension and release; a fluid, sonic world where subtle shifts merge layers of reality and spacetime, flowing from realisation to relinquishment and back again.

The work takes as its base a field recording of a personal journey in the mountains, to the source of the river colonial history calls the Yarra. Indigenous Australians called the river Birrarrung – “Place of Mists and Shadows” – and it was the dreaming path they followed and camped beside through the calendar of countless seasons.

Awareness floats above or sinks below, but always returns to, this ever-present source. Visceral and bodily layers of spring reverb, vocals and a host of electronic processes command attention as they surge and recede throughout the 50 minute experience – a singular, unsevered flow; an exercise in, at once, both grasping and letting go.

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