FJ010: A beautiful, atmospheric live recording of an improvised set performed at Melbourne’s outdoor MPavilion venue in February 2018. Sage Pbbbt, extra-normal vocalist extraordinaire, had only just moved over from Perth and this collaboration with ridiculously talented Victorian percussionist, electro-acoustic musician and sound artist Erin K Taylor was the first time the two had met. The pair allow for plenty of space as they interact with each other and the environmental sounds (birdsong in particular) that weave a consistent thread through the recording and provide a link to the physical space of the venue even whilst the artists take things some place else altogether. Transformative and transportive are the operative words here, along with ideas of ritual performance that are important to both their solo practices. Those who are familiar with Sage’s singing (check out her releases on Perth label Tone List if you haven’t already) will also know she has an ongoing interest in chaos magick, industrial shamanism and the occult alongside many other non-musical and musical influences. Together with her use of field-recording elements, Erin’s knack for creating immersive sounds and playing with notions of time (her album ‘Source’ on Vicmod Records for instance) come through in ‘MPavilion’ too in the way it can take you to not only an elsewhere but an else-when as well. Whilst I don’t know much about chaos magick, I definitely get the everyday transformative magic of art and I think it’s here in abundance.
– Tim P.

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