Voronoi - Mountains & Rivers

Released 8th June 2020.

Listen here & read on below:

Voronoi synthesizes a range of influences spanning ambient music, noise, electro-acoustic, neo-classical, film music and high definition sound design. Drawing inspiration from the Voronoi tessellation — an equation that is used to both model actual landscapes and at the same time to construct virtual ones —his productions employ hybrid sampling and synthesis techniques to weave irreal ambient soundscapes. His tense and beguiling pieces function through playing off and with the genre conventions of ambient music, employing dissonance and rupture as a means to undermine moments of calming effect.

With Mountains & Rivers, Voronoi departs from the radiated post-industrial atmospheres of his debut EP, Yucca Flat, Nevada, to conjure up a selection of more bucolic, but no less sinister soundscapes. Spectral traces of rave vocals long since consigned to digital oblivion burble up through a thicket of electro-acoustic refrains. As the title suggests, a sense of geography haunts the tracks on the EP, but the landscapes suggested here are wholly virtual or illusory. The hybrid forms of synthesis, field recording and electro-acoustic manipulation that make up much of the EP’s instrumentation evoke an irreal, synthetic ecology that mirror Keys’ own geographic dislocation. With its dynamic affective structure oscillating between melancholy, reflection, hurt, and a persistent longing for a spiritual communion that can never be fully realised, Mountains & Rivers is a de-spiritualised elegy to the absence of presence.

Mountains & Rivers / Tracklist

1 - Aperture

2 - Ephemera

3 - Shoals

4 - Bad Infinity

All tracks written and produced by Richard B. Keys

Mastering by Thomas Lambert.

Cover design by Carla Schollum and Jurgita Ratkeviciute.


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