The works of Indian-American musician and sound artist Nordra create an intriguing wholeness through her masterful ability to deconstruct musical structure in a language of industrial music and noise. Having within them an almost orchestral dimension the results present an adventurous quality through apparent dub, techno, and musique-concrète influences, without lacking in any depth of emotion.

Nordra’s past releases PYLON III [2020], self-titled [2017], and PYLON II [2018] quickly rose to international critical acclaim, the latter charting #20 on The Wire Magazine’s Best Album of the Year, and #1 on The Wire Magazine’s Best Noise and Industrial Album of the Year. She has performed extensively, presenting her music at Donaufestival, Skaņu Mežs Festival, Timezones Festival, Pioneer Works, Cornish Playhouse, CAOS Museum, amongst many other museums, contemporary art spaces, concert halls, churches, and festivals throughout Europe, North America, Canada, and China. She has performed and collaborated with various artists, including Marissa Nadler, Daughters, Cassandra Jenkins, and Zola Jesus.


Adam Sherry:
London based New Zealand artist Adam Sherry (A Dead Forest Index) presents new solo work centred on the voice. Exploring the lines between deconstructed ballad forms and minimalist drone composition, aiming for an immediate expression which finds order in the abstract.

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