Seth Frightening bares all with the new album, Fall Asleep in the Onion Weeds, his fourth full-length release and the first in 9 years!

“Sorry it took so long”, he says. “I moved away when everything started to fall apart. But I got myself together and I'm doing pretty well I guess.. Time does fly when you're moving and ageing but I got this done in various bedrooms and living rooms in NZ, Germany and the UK. Working all the time to pay the landlordz always chews away at life/time aswell. But here you go…“

This music is not for the faint hearted. Confronting themes around suffering, society and sex are delivered in intricate, twisted and beautiful packages. For those willing to delve deep this is a quintessential release from one of the most unique and powerful songwriters to have emerged from the Aotearoa underground.

1. Setting Sun
2. Seems, Topless
3. Eyelash and Eels
4. Spitting on Crystals
5. There's Honey on the Windowsill
6. Hetero-Blud (Doom from the Womb)
7. So Silky Soft on Floors of Bedrooms
8. Peel at the Programme
9. Necro Nights, Village Lights

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Seth Frightening
Additional vocals on 'There's Honey on the Windowsill' by I.E Crazy.
'Necro Nights, Village Lights' mixed by Thomas Arbor.
Mastered by Thomas Arbor

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