(Post by Thomas Arbor)

This one always felt to me like a 'last track on the album' kind of vibe, hence the name, though who knows where it'll end up.

The photo is another from nearby the Huka-Aratiatia Dam, Taupō - on the same misty morning this one was taken. 

It also feels worth noting that this rākaunui falls on Anzac Day - a day of commemoration marking the invasion at Gallipoli by Australian and New Zealand armies in World War 1.

I saw this today (thanks Danielle) which sums up the event and the senseless, horrific nature of war in general:

'George “Sonny” Skerrett, Gallipoli survivor, interviewed for the occasion of his 100th birthday in 1992:

“Ashore, it was frightful. Terrible…. The Turks applied for the armistice to bury the dead. I went out with four doctors, couldn’t do much for them, just bandage them. There were 4000 Turks buried that day, I never saw anything like it in all my life. I cried all day, all afternoon, I couldn’t stop. Six of my mates, we did everything together, swum and played tennis, they were all out there dead. I looked for them but never found them. Some of the bodies had been lying out there for over a month, and they just fell to pieces in the 100 degree heat…. We were shelled continuously, shrapnel shells falling on both sides. Why I never got hit I’ll never know. I still remember the beach. There were a couple of thousand men lying there in all shapes and sizes and forms, all wounded and sick…. We could only treat a certain number of them. The badly wounded, they’d say, you go and find someone else to look after, and they just lay there and died…. I still think about Gallipoli quite a bit. It accomplished nothing…. War’s terrible, everybody loses. The only ones who win are the people who make the bombs and shells and the bullets.”'

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