Post by Thomas Arbor.

Occasionally I get a good excuse to make music outside my usual domain. In this instance I was asked to make an upbeat theme for a podcast called Chewing the Facts. You can listen to the theme by itself here:

About the podcast:

"Join Sasha Borissenko in this 10-part series as she untangles the science, history, and forces behind fatness in Aotearoa, New Zealand."

Listen to the podcast on your app of choice and/or read more about it at this beautiful website!

The brief:

My take:

Of course my track sounds nothing like them - and can only aspire to be so iconic! -  but I took inspiration from their main ingredients (synth, drums, brass, manipulated voice) - and added mellotron, harp, vibraphone & stuttering electronics (inspired by the thought of sugar and the 50s advertising industry)... and can you spot the sounds of a supermarket checkout and fizzy drink hiss?

I had a lot of fun making this. Thanks to Sasha for her epic, important work on a complex subject and for being a great collaborator - and to Oliver Devlin who did the audio editing and extra music throughout the podcast!


I'm always keen to make custom music so if you'd like something for your own project please get in touch! Email : )

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