Composer and musician extraordinaire Karl Sölve Steven, aka "one of Aotearoa's most trailblazing musical figures of the past three decades" (UTR) has just released a remix by Dream Chambers

"I love the Dream Chambers adaptation. It's sort of grown the track into another dimension that makes the original feel like a roadmap while this is the actual terrain. It's pretty magical to hear it brought to life in this way; it's like going to sleep having sketched the first sentence of a novel in a notebook and waking up to find the whole thing written." — Karl Sölve Steven

"In the Cold Light of Day": Press play and read more below:

Jess aka Dream Chambers described her approach to the remix on UTR - "I immediately loved the song's meditative quality... I took Karl's bass synth progression as a jumping off point and created some arpeggios over top using my modular synthesizers.

"I expanded the chord sequence to have a Dream Chambers-esque melodic build. Added some more synths cause I love them and it's fun to layer melody on melody. Then added Karl's synths and drums back in for extra vibe and a nice crescendo at the end. I also added my voice to create a duet with Karl's spoken word and some backing harmonies in the chorus.

"When I was working on this track last year I had a lot of uncertainty in my life and being able to accentuate the optimism of the song and make it into a positive mantra of sorts was really soothing for me.

"As the song says 'It will all be a whole lot clearer in the cold light of day.' I interpreted that as 'Tomorrow is a new day and everything is going to be ok.'" 

All Of Human Emotion On Microfiche (The Remixes) is out on 6th July via Sunreturn

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