"Wellington psychedelic trio Womb (aka Charlotte ForresterHaz Forrester, and Georgette Brown) have unveiled their long-awaited debut album Like Splitting the Head From the Body, following a sterling run of powerful live shows and mind-expanding singles. The eight-song collection leads listeners on a journey from gorgeously recorded alt-folk soundscapes to the outer boundaries of dream-pop, with epic feelings of grandeur evident throughout. Swirling synthesisers intersect with tenderly plucked guitars and otherworldly singing, creating oceans of sound for minds to lose themselves inside. An accompanying essay by writer Xavier Ellah describes the record as exploring "the relational question of, what does it mean to be a body, connected to and derived from other bodies - human or not?" It's an assured step forward from Womb, dive deep into Like Splitting the Head From the Body..." (UTR)

Listen here & head to Flying Out for a flesh-coloured vinyl thanks to Arcade Recordings!