Neo-folk artist Womb today brings to life a compelling new video for gently anthemic second single ‘Teresa’.

The video transports the song into a world of limitlessly reeling digital landscapes. The director, Tristan Joseph Brooks, calls on the sublime element of digital realms, exploring the never-ending wormholes of unused and decaying digital spaces:

“I spent weeks ‘location scouting’ in Second Life”, he explains. “Exploring these vast empty worlds, my avatar became non-existent… I tried to touch abstractly on ideas of loneliness and the idea of being somewhere but not really belonging. Growing out of one world and into another.”

The beauty and futility in fathoming this territory ties perfectly with the sense of loneliness and abstract longing conveyed in the song itself. Brooks’ vast infinitudes of digital landscapes are punctuated by comparatively ‘real’ visual renderings of Womb (aka Charlotte Forrester). She stands spectral-like, as though transmitting a message from an unknown palace lost in the ruins of the internet.

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