The Lumiere Reader have released an online music-documentary featuring Seth Frightening, Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Shab Orchestra and I.E.Crazy as they tour the country. A “contemplative ode to a brood of genre-bending Auckland musicians”. Stream here & get further insights below:

“While the songs themselves are the heroes of the story, behind-the-scenes footage permits a glimpse into the processes and world-views of a group of fiercely creative individuals whose work falls outside the ever-constrictive paradigms of popular music in New Zealand.” – Claire Duncan, writer & director.

Zac Arnold of RNZ’s Music 101 spoke with Claire to discuss the difficulties of capturing the essence of live performance and what it means to be a musician on the margins:

Also, keep your eye out for more in Lumiere’s web-series covering pockets of New Zealand’s underground print and cinema scenes >