Music enthusiast and reviewer, Martyn Pepperell, has introduced a couple of SC affiliates for recently, introducing new tracks by Paperghost and Womb. Read more & link to the streams below!


Drawing by Zach Webber

“With his forthcoming new album, Signal Fingers, Wellington composer, producer, and sound designer Paperghost (real name: Zach Webber) concocts a cycle of densely layered songs born from intricate stories and environments. Surreal and architectural, his music mixes imagination with reality, fictions and personal experiences so blurred you can’t quite tell one from the other.”

Read more and stream the track, BADSPIRIT here >

The full Signal Fingers album will be available for download here on Wednesday!



Charlotte Forrester (previously of Athuzela Brown) also shared a new track, Airplane, from her forthcoming EP:

‘Describing her music process as ritualistic, Charlotte has found she writes best within a sacred space and the correct accompanying headspace. “I feel it is necessary to return to the emotional landscapes the songs were written in, so that the recordings will harness the nature of the song I’ve written,” she explains.’

Read more and stream the track, Airplane, here>

Thanks to Martyn and!