Orchestra of Spheres

Orchestra of Spheres embark this very day for the shores of Iceland and the Airwaves Festival, and as a fundraiser for the trip they filled the coolest vacant building in the city (pending demolition) with art and music! Way to go.

The Albemarle (rear view)

Gerard Crewdson and Jeff Henderson
Gerard Crewdson and Jeff Henderson

Radical Sklenarbirds! By Erica Sklenars / Lady Lazer Light

Live painting by Treefrog Sanders

Nathan Taare zone
Nathan Taare zone

Although this party was so expansive I couldn’t document it all, there are MANY MORE PHOTOS HERE! >>

Gerard Crewdson plays the Sousaphone


Reece McNaughten, Simon O’Rourke and Samin Son

Video by Simon Ward

Installation by Claire Harris


Beth Hilton and Treefrog Sanders

Baba Rossa


Orchestra of Spheres

Chris and George outside the i.ryoko turret.

Reece McNaughten and Gerard Crewdson entertain street-goers

Thankyou to everybody involved!