Tonight (Friday) begins the audio-visual mini-fest, Exploded Cinema, at Wellington’s Film Archive, Nga Taonga. Starts at 7 and over by 9!

Friday 15th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Oona Verse and Lady Lazer Light / 7.40 Samin Son and Yousuke Fuyama / 8.20 i.ryoko

Saturday 16th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Antony Milton / 7.40 Sign of the Hag / 8.20 Noel Meek and Olivia Webb

Thanks to John Heighes, aka Milky Joe, for putting together this compilation featuring Wellington favourites Ballah Playah Gnar, The All Seeing Hand, Orchestra of Spheres, I.Ryoko, Douglas Lilburn, Mr Sterile Assembly, The Golden Awesome, John White and MORE!

“Mixed by Milky Joe for The Society for the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life… Headphone listening recommended… With only a couple of exceptions this is a Wellington-centric mix, and represents a very small sample of the fantastic, extra-ordinary, implausible, astonishing, surprising, improbable, unlikely, incredible, unbelievable, shocking and Microsoft Word Synonym function worthy music being made here in Wellington, Aotearoa.”