I cringe every time I hear John Key refer to the ‘Mum & Dad investors’ who will supposedly benefit from the privatisation of New Zealand’s national assets and I am borderline disgusted at the volume of media coverage given to these overrated royal appendages on their recent ‘tour’ of the country, so it’s nice to see art like this around the streets making light of the situation!

Mum & Dad investorsThe Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and their son George, with NZ Prime Minister John Key. Artist unknown.

It’s true ‘Her Majesty the Queen’ owns alot of land in NZ because her ancestors employees colonised the country over 174 years ago, but I struggle to understand why her grandson and his family coming to visit should be the leading story for almost every news outlet for six days running! Anyway…

These photos are from another show at FTP gallery on New North Road, Auckland, Sunday 19th April. Huge thanks to FTP for having me play & stay!

i.ryoko > Listen. This photo thanks to Joon Yang & UTR.

Kraus & Liam
Kraus & Liam > kraus.co.nz

Huf > Listen

DIANA TRIBUTEDiana Tribute (continuing with the royal theme)

After a mad long weekend it was definitely time for some loungey cat times in front of the fire, with soup! (Thanks dudes!)

didge & huf
Huf the dude and Didge the Cat.