Matmos NZ Tour poster

“Altmusic is excited to announce our first national tour of NZ for 2014 – avant-electronic superstars Matmos (US)!

Hugely influential electronic duo Matmos (Drew Daniel and M.C. Shmidt) will be performing for the first time ever in New Zealand, bringing their signature blend of mutant electronica and audio/visual extravagance to audiences around the country! Known as much for their visually dazzling live performances as for their MENSA-level conceptual backflips, Matmos hits the sweet spot between super-fun and finely-honed, beat-driven dance/psychedelia. With surgical precision, Matmos assemble intricate soundworlds from the most unlikely of sources including amplified crayfish nerve tissue, the pages of bibles turning, rat cages, human skulls, a cow uterus and much more – turning these samples on their head to create eminently danceable and conceptually mesmerizing sonic voyages!”

“(Matmos) is well-known for nestling their own raunchy universe of found sounds into glitched-out disco-bounce, and, some say, saving musique concréte from the dustbin of electronic music history.” – Pitchfork

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