Here’re some miscellaneous tidbits from the world of Sonorous Circle and beyond:

Portrait by Teresa Collins.

NEW ATHUZELA BROWN COMING SOON – It hasn’t been long since they released their Woodland Demos, but Athuzela Brown have another EP coming out this Sunday, just in time for NZ summer! Stay tuned.

Screenshot from Campbell Live/ 3news

BUDDY LOVEHEART – A “human interest” story! This special starling seems to have the vocal skills of a lyre bird and can talk in a human voice! Specifically in the voice of his owner, a classic lady from Timaru, Debbie Bingham. Does this mean that all birds may have the capacity to speak human?!

See the bird in action thanks to Campbell Live, here

CHRONOPHONIUM – We’re stoked to be playing this festival. It’s $60 for two days camping in a badass spot with a bunch of sweet NZ bands including Seth Frightening, i.ryoko, Alphabethead, Deerpark, Oligocene Drowning, Team Cat Food & HEEEEAPS MORE!

More info & tickets here >