Alejandro Jodorowsky (director of El Topo and The Holy Mountain) has a new film this year, his first in 23 years – ‘The Dance of Reality’ – A fictionalized, autobiographical, magic-realist account of growing up in Tocopilla, Chile.

> Ten (very brief) lessons on film-making from Alejandro Jodorowsky – For example, “Shooting a film should be like opening up the limits to your mind”!

Image from The Holy Mountain

“In these times we live in, everything that was false is falling apart. Religion is in crisis, and what’s become of religion? It’s become an ally to dictatorships, to politics. What’s become of politics? It’s become a ventriloquist doll’s show. What’s become of the economy? In the past money had a value, it was gold, salt. Now it’s just printed paper. The only value of the paper is debt. That’s how it is: debt and confidence. Everything is falling apart. How wonderful! … it’s marvellous. Because in the past one lived with fixed ideas and expressing anything different meant you were killed.” – 2 minutes 37 seconds with Jodorowsky