This is a surprisingly good piece of investigative journalism by John Campbell about the GCSB and Related Legislation Amendment Bill in New Zealand, making the connection between Hollywood, the US Department of Justice, John Key and his highschool friend and now head of the GCSB, Ian Fletcher, an intellectual-property rights expert with no military or intelligence background at all. Worth a watch.

CLICK TO VIEW > Campbell Live on GCSB, July 10

This morning the Human Rights Commission submitted a report to PM John Key opposing the new GCSB ammendments.

“The Commission is concerned that the proposed Bills are wide-reaching without sufficient safeguards against abuse of power. There is inadequate oversight and inadequate provision for ensuring transparency and accountability… The right to privacy is fundamental in a democracy and reinforces other fundamental rights, such as rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly. The proposed restrictions on the right to privacy are too general to be proportionate to the Bills’ objectives”, chief commissioner David Rutherford said.
– NZ Herald

Other video of interest on the matter thanks to TV3, on their website:

John Key v Kim Dotcom – submission to the GCSB > Video here

Katie Dewes & Robert Green
, anti-nuclear campaigners of Christchurch who have been under invasive surveillance for 30 years > Video here