This is a documentary about Genetically Modified food – another example of corporate profit coming before human and environmental health. We are lucky in New Zealand to have little to no genetically modified food, although this could easily change if we let the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) go through!! If you don’t know about this, please check it out. It is a so-called ‘free-trade agreement’, the terms of which are currently being negotiated in secret. See here for more info on the TPPA and GM –

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMO’s (2012)

“Over the past ten years or so, there has been a huge surge in the awareness of the potential dangers and effects GM foods may have on our health. However, proponents of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the food industry, who all happen to have a vested interest in it’s use, argue that using bio-engineered food is necessary to keep up with the world’s population demand for food. This claim isn’t backed by much evidence and many are skeptical.

The controversy is, do these GMOs really bring value to us as a society or is it doing more damage than anything else. This full-length feature film documentary, Seeds of Death, answers this question with a resounding “no,” featuring the world’s leading Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys, Politicians and Environmental Activists who expose the corruption and dangers surrounding the widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms.”

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