Today we officially welcome two new faces to Sonorous Circle! Haz and Charlotte Forrester, collectively known as Athuzela Brown, from Wellington, NZ. We are highly stoked to have such fine examples of the human race amongst us! And of course they bring musical goodies for all…

Athuzela Brown - Tides

With this their debut album, the saintly young Forrester twins glide effortlessly to the heart. True to spirit, honest-to-goodness, genuine folk! Like two halves of a horizon the pair have assumed their natural balance; Haz like the understated ground and Charlotte with her voice like the sky; softly soaring yet on the verge of crushing. Tides is a beautiful example of ‘dream folk’, rich in imagery and full of promise; concise arrangements of voice and strings with delicate electronic adornments captured in charming lo-fi home recordings.

32 minutes: 9 original tracks + a bonus Devendra Banhart cover.

Click here for free download link

ENJOY! Release show Saturday 23rd June, 7.30PM at 19 Tory St, Wellington.