Glass Vaults 'Into Clear'

Glass Vaults – Into Clear EP

Released November 2011.
Glass Vault’s Into Clear is a pale blue sky. Half awake / Half asleep. Humming incantations. Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce – now with the help of Signer & Skallander legend, Bevan Smith – using their usual mishmash of electronics, voice & guitars, have cast forth a new EP; This one more consistently ambient than the last, gently rubbing at your ears like a good friend (for a solid 28 minutes). Each song is a wide open space but extremely delicate; for the most part moving at a slow, almost changeless hover and then shifting subtly as if guided by a gentle hand.

Richard’s singing voice, at times breath-taking, earnestly sets the scene for each track, floating through dream-state electronics singing songs of light and fading memories. Glass Vaults give the listener three choices; engage, submit or ignore. These are hymns for no One but Everyone.

Stoner Gospel anyone?

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