You may have heard of Liam Kendall from his other projects such as Pan and The Story of Iceland. Pan was a fairly low key noise affair in which Liam would make sour and sweet ambient numbers which would quickly end. Music best suited for wasted shin digs below a tree. However trading in his Jag, Space echo and other delay pedals for an Akai MPD32 and a Micro Korg, Forest Spirits is born!

EP Cover

…. breathes heavily, panting through up beat soul fucking anthems, twisted dance beats and cascading arpeggios, Forest Spirits has produced a wonderful EP (Though at 34 mins it could be called otherwise). Composed via Ableton Live using a range of samples taken from soundtracks of films made in the 1930s we find ourselves immersed in music which is balancing between pop and the style of some sort of 21-year-old channeling a child on amphetamines. ENJOY!!