This is our first release with people we have not yet met in real life… We will have to hang out soon! A Dead Forest Index are the brothers Adam and Sam Sherry who have weaved their seductive musical tendrils into our consciousness all the way from Melbourne, Australia. It is lovely to have their unique sounds on board the Circle.

SCR012: A Dead Forest Index – Antique EP

Recently remastered for Sonorous Circle release, ‘Antique’ is a short and brooding EP. The brothers Sherry have produced four tracks of heavy imagery with layers of vocals that build like a smothering smoke; Eloquently hissing lines like “turning the distance into a pattern… endlessly illuminating”, and “I plant myself inside your veins; they are now my home”. The acapella brings a black out. Guitar lines chug along slowly with a beautifully toned and vibrant sound that blends nostalgically with the drums in their mutually unremitting rhythms. These could be apocalyptic psalms. Probably a good idea to keep an eye out of your face for these dudes.

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