Today we officially welcome the dude-ranger extraordinaire Caleb McKenzie, a.k.a Minnelli, to the Sonorous Circle. I’ve been listening to his musical creations through the wall for a few years now but at last we have his excellent second release, the aptly titled ‘2’, to feast our ears upon in slightly higher definition.

Minnelli 2

SCR008 – Minnelli, ‘2’
‘2’ moves cinematically from a restrained but powerful synth-laden epic through hints of dark 80’s, glacial pop and intergalactic dreams of psychedelic bliss while fractured rhythms send a downbeat danceability over swirling, shimmering ambience that flows compellingly towards territory DJ Shadow might have roamed had he been enthused by ancient transcendentalism.

This is a highly varied but coherent and well contoured half hour – an intricately layered and innovative sample-based construction well worth a listen and freely downloadable below for your own convenience.

Click here for free download.