Today we welcome the prodigiously talented Zach Webber, a.k.a Paperghost, to the Sonorous Circle. He brings with him his debut album, The Teledermatologist Handbook: possibly one of the most unique, detailed and imaginative (yet still somehow understated) albums I have ever heard. Get your listen on if you're at all into bands like The Books, Kid A-styles Radiohead or I-don't-know-what-the-hell-this-really-sounds-like.


SCR007 - Paperghost, 'The Teledermatologist Handbook'
Veils of dust gather on layers of jostling sonic dimensions teetering on the edge of intelligibility like crumbling electroacoustic concrete, but dressed up as the most imaginative, fragile, ornate and paranormal pop music to be made in the 1940s. Macro, meso and micro-sound magic! 15 tracks, 41 minutes.

Take a listen >here.