With help from our trusty Sonorous Circle ‘vibe-ometer’, after analysis of the last two weeks and forecasts for the future, we can intuitively posit that the coming year will be of extreme excellence. This is especially in regard to the emergence of exciting new sounds and experiences, the proliferation of enjoyable challenges and a continued increase in other general opportunities for learning and mind-expansion.

It is our goal to make 2010 the year of gathering momentum – and to start us off, I am excited to say, we have the release of the first album by Seth Frightening!

SCR004 : Seth Frightening, ‘The Prince and His Madness’ :
12 tracks/ 50 minutes worth of folkey noisey catchy-in-the-best-way-possible goodness all fancily packaged in cardboard wallets (with felt inlays and all!) and cover art by Alexander Mitcalfe Wilson with internal doodling by Mr Frightening. Manoeuvre your way to his page to have a listen.

Chur to the chur!