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Friday, November 17th, 2017

Sums & Collisions is a new experimental series by Sonorous Circle to feature rare or one-off collaborations.

The first in the series is FIR·MA·MENT, a video by TRISTAN J BROOKS, filmed in Israel, Iran and Turkey, with music edited from an improvisation between Esoterror, I.RYOKO & Matt Faisandier (of THE CONVOY) in Wellington, NZ. Watch here & read on for Brooks’ ideas behind the video…

“This work is compiled of footage I took during a trip to the Middle East – from Israel, Iran and Turkey. Two interlinked threads guide this video. First, a personal fascination with mysticism that drove me to the Middle East – a mysticism that is now largely concealed in the Middle East, buried under politics. I grew up Catholic. Spending time in Hiruharama (Jerusalem) up the Whanganui river living with the Sisters of Compassion when my mother died resurrected my youth’s fascination with biblical mysticism, but in a darker way (through grief). This resurrection created a connection with the Middle Eastern Jerusalem, and a curiosity to seek out mysticism in the flesh. Jerusalem became a pilgrimage of sorts for me.”

“On arrival, I found that the Middle East’s current soul is almost an antithesis to the mystic nature of its recorded past. It is a medley of lifestyles, passion and emotional connections that is blanketed by monoist theocratic/political governments. Looking over the footage on my return, the political gravity/bleakness was almost too overt. I wanted to draw out, and play with, the grandiose of faith, ideologies and mysticism that still underhandedly rests in the Middle East’s belly. So second, I drew on the montage and discontinuous editing techniques from early Russian film theorists Sergei Eisenstein and Lev Kuleshov. Eisenstein and Kuleshov recognised that the meaning of an image/video is derived from the images/videos surrounding it. When moving images are placed in a string of uncontextual narratives, especially a moving image with its Hegelian antithesis, complex and twisted meanings (or Hegelian Syntheses) can emerge. I hoped that stringing together my footage in Eisenstein and Kuleshov’s shadow would provide space for both its mysticism to seep through, and to confuse regular narratives conveyed about the Mid-East.”Tristan J Brooks


Friday, February 12th, 2016

Neo-folk artist Womb today brings to life a compelling new video for gently anthemic second single ‘Teresa’.

The video transports the song into a world of limitlessly reeling digital landscapes. The director, Tristan Joseph Brooks, calls on the sublime element of digital realms, exploring the never-ending wormholes of unused and decaying digital spaces:

“I spent weeks ‘location scouting’ in Second Life”, he explains. “Exploring these vast empty worlds, my avatar became non-existent… I tried to touch abstractly on ideas of loneliness and the idea of being somewhere but not really belonging. Growing out of one world and into another.”

The beauty and futility in fathoming this territory ties perfectly with the sense of loneliness and abstract longing conveyed in the song itself. Brooks’ vast infinitudes of digital landscapes are punctuated by comparatively ‘real’ visual renderings of Womb (aka Charlotte Forrester). She stands spectral-like, as though transmitting a message from an unknown palace lost in the ruins of the internet.

Check out the premiere feature & interview with Charlotte & Tristan at The Wireless!


Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to or attended these events! And to the Wellington City Council creative communities fund for the financial assistance that allowed us the use of such great venues. These were prob the last of our shows for the year but look forward to future good times!

Gamelan Padhang Moncar
Gamelan Padhang Moncar

Seth Frightening
Sean Kelly / Seth Frightening (Visuals by Beth Hilton. Photo by Tristan Brooks)

I.E Crazy
Claire Duncan / I.E.Crazy

Zach Webber / Paperghost (Photo by Tristan Brooks)

Samin Son
Samin Son (Photo by Tristan Brooks)

Kokomo Joe (Photo by Georgette Brown)



Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Seth Frightening has a new video out for the song Dress Rehearsal Dead Meat, from his new album which is due out soon! Have a looky/listen:

Seth Frightening is currently on tour with the legendary All Seeing Hand, who released a new album last Friday called Fog & Debris:

This presumably from the band’s press release: “The All Seeing Hand have access to an eye with more precision and scope than the Five Eyes of the dominant Western powers; One Eye through All Eyes, the Empathic Eye. They have disregarded petty rhetoric on concerns of law and collated the meta-data of human experience within this vast universe; not merely the meagre digital interactions confined to the World Wide Web, but a grand repository dedicated to living action and thought. They have experienced and analysed the thinking and behaviours of this radical species whose impact is becoming extraterrestrial. And while they wish to share their findings, they want you to know that you already know; and they are willing to manipulate you into a state in which you will be even more open to the new hierarchies they herald. It is a time to fear, a time to decode, a time to rejoice!”

Partake in the All Seeing Hand and Seth Frightening NZ Tour in Wellington this Saturday with the always excellent Orchestra of Spheres! T’will be a good one.

Orchestra of Spheres
Orchestra of Spheres playing Sun Ra at Meow, 6th June 2014


Monday, June 9th, 2014

A video for i.ryoko’s ‘Future Window II’ by Tristan Brooks, featuring footage and field recordings taken in Guiyang and Shanghai, China in 2013.

+ A ten-minute programme on the making of the recently released album ‘Opening‘ for Emma Smith’s Music 101 show on Radio New Zealand:

And some more photos from the i.ryoko Audio Foundation residency. These ones are from February 28th, taken at the Acoustics Centre at the University of Auckland. Many thanks to the acoustics technician, Gian Schmid, for facilitating my visit.

Sounds geeks marvel at this impressive two-level reverb chamber with rotating diffusers!

The anechoic chamber is designed to have no sound reflections at all. The room itself is isolated on rubber from the rest of the building on all six sides to stop sounds travelling through the walls from outside, and the large foam spikes are designed for maximum internal sound absorption, making this the closest to silence one can get, right in the centre of Auckland city! I had the luxury of being left in here alone and didn’t want to leave, such was the profound and calming effect of silence that is sadly absent from our noisy world!

You can hear a recording of this silence at the end of the album >


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

We are pleased to say our 48 Hour film is now online after winning the ‘Incredibly Strange’ award at the Wellington finals and being nominated for ‘Sexiest Looking Short’. Perhaps you can see why…

Speaking of film, I’ve been gradually trying to make my way through Werner Herzog’s filmography, and the more I see, the more I come to the conclusion that he is the coolest guy alive! The following interview may be two hours long but it’s thoroughly entertaining and illuminating of the mad genius:

If that’s too long and you’d just like a little Herzog taste, check out his unique description of the jungle from the making of ‘Fitzcarraldo’ – ‘the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder’.

Wellington’s fantastical artist Georgette Brown is having another exhibition in a couple of weeks!

In other news – new releases from i.ryoko and Seth Frightening coming soon!!!