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Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Greg the skin-chicken covets his nest egg

It’s time for The All Seeing Hand’s annual season of mind-blowing musical town-hopping radical fun times! With a new album out on December 1st (listen below) the trio are embarking on a national tour (details below) and have released a twisted video for ‘Cro-Magnon Corp’:

“It’s a glimpse of the ways people are enticed to wilfully participate in an extractive nightmarish game by spreading fear about the consequences of not getting your foot on the “property ladder” and grabbing your very own nest egg before the basket is empty” – Ben Knight, in conversation with Vice.

The All Seeing Hand are easily one of the most exciting bands in the country and MUST be seen live for full effect. Check them out, ESPECIALLY with the glorious added bonus of Unsanitary Napkin and E-N-T!

“It’s an interesting time to be making music. The themes in Sand To Glass emerged as a reflection of the dystopian sociopolitical environment we’re faced with right now, but from a zoomed-out perspective that looks more at patterns than specific events; the emergence and normalisation of mass surveillance over the last few years, the rise of fear-mongering reality-TV stars as political leaders, all against backdrop of ravenous neoliberal capitalism extracting so much that the capacity of the Earth to sustain life is literally under threat. But at the same time the album conveys ecstatic optimism for transformation in resistance to destruction. It’s definitely more about asking questions than offering answers, but hope and imagination seem more important than ever…” –> Read more from this excellent UTR interview


Friday, August 9th, 2013

Hear our inspiring friend, Ben Knight (of Loomio & The All Seeing Hand), talk about ‘How technology can enable everyday democracy’: for more Ted Talks


Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Glass Vaults
Glass Vaults

Golden Dawn
Matt of Golden Dawn.

Alphabethead + Ben Knight
Alphabethead takes the form of a green mist with drummer Ben Knight.

Pics from the March 11th show at Happy Bar in Wellington. Background visuals by the wonderful Erica Sklenars!