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Monday, June 9th, 2014

A video for i.ryoko’s ‘Future Window II’ by Tristan Brooks, featuring footage and field recordings taken in Guiyang and Shanghai, China in 2013.

+ A ten-minute programme on the making of the recently released album ‘Opening‘ for Emma Smith’s Music 101 show on Radio New Zealand:

And some more photos from the i.ryoko Audio Foundation residency. These ones are from February 28th, taken at the Acoustics Centre at the University of Auckland. Many thanks to the acoustics technician, Gian Schmid, for facilitating my visit.

Sounds geeks marvel at this impressive two-level reverb chamber with rotating diffusers!

The anechoic chamber is designed to have no sound reflections at all. The room itself is isolated on rubber from the rest of the building on all six sides to stop sounds travelling through the walls from outside, and the large foam spikes are designed for maximum internal sound absorption, making this the closest to silence one can get, right in the centre of Auckland city! I had the luxury of being left in here alone and didn’t want to leave, such was the profound and calming effect of silence that is sadly absent from our noisy world!

You can hear a recording of this silence at the end of the album >