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Minnelli – 2

Released November 2010.
‘2’ moves cinematically from a restrained but powerful synth-laden epic through hints of dark 80’s, glacial pop and intergalactic dreams of psychedelic bliss while fractured rhythms send a downbeat danceability over swirling, shimmering ambience that flows compellingly towards territory DJ Shadow might have roamed had he been enthused by ancient transcendentalism.

This is a highly varied but coherent and well contoured half hour – an intricately layered and innovative sample-based construction well worth a listen and freely downloadable below.

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Paperghost – The Teledermatologist Handbook

Released September 2010.
Veils of dust gather on layers of jostling sonic dimensions teetering on the edge of intelligibility like crumbling electroacoustic concrete, but dressed up as the most imaginative, fragile, ornate and paranormal pop music to be made in the 1940s. Macro, meso and micro-sound magic!

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Glass Vaults – Glass EP

Released June 2010.
Richard and Rowan have taken their guitars, voices, drums and dream-triggering gadgetry, drenched them in the vapour of clouds and given birth to an intimate and sentimental sonic experience. It sounds like nature is patient and melodious on the farm where this here EP was recorded! Five beautiful pop delights with the added bonus of lost-in-the-ocean vibes, all freely downloadable and now also available on colour-vinyl (!) thanks to US label Jukboxr.

NZ/AUS Vinyl orders !!CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!!, Rest of World best acquire from Jukboxr!
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12″ Colour Vinyl !!CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!!

Arkitype – Meats the Beatles

Released April 2010.
This is Arkitype’s first release on the Circle – a free-to-download eight-track collection of sacrilegious (but highly tasteful) remixes of the biggest band that ever was. Raaaaaaaaad! Enjoy.

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Seth Frightening – The Prince and His Madness

Released 18th January 2010
This is ‘Seth’s first album, written in early 2009 and recorded only on his laptop microphone (though you wouldn’t know it!). It is a beautiful, honest, folk-pop-noise masterpiece displaying his seemingly effortless knack for song-writing and instrumental intricacies. This is only my humble opinion of course but I implore you to take a listen for yourself!


Limited CD’s available. Comes in a high quality card wallet with felt inlay to prevent disc scratching and protective plastic sleeves with original artwork by Alexander Mitcalfe Wilson and Seth Frightening.

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