ESCHATON Press release:

The year is 2012. The time is now.

Since the dawn of human history this has been an important year. December 21st, in particular, is a date on which many civilisations and cultures have predicted the end of the world.

Students and recent graduates of Toi Whakaari and Victoria University have met throughout the year and talked about this end date. If it is the time when life as we know would, en masse, cease to exist, then what would it look like?

Born from these conversations is ESCHATON: a layered, visionary and surreal performance set in the last week the world might exist. The final performance date, the 21st of December, is a culmination of the predictions of the Mayan Calendar, the I Ching & Planet Nibiru’s potential collision with the earth.

Together with the haunting sound of i.ryoko and Seth Frightening (who have opened for international acts Grizzly Bear, Beirut and Jonsi of Sigur Ros), ESCHATON is a cosmic drama that uses breathtaking images, puppetry and projection to fly through different worlds, different ages and different rituals of death.


The final thing.
The very last thing.
Climax of history.
Neut. of ancient Greek eskatos.

A play about the end.
Directed by Stella Reid.
With music by i.ryoko & Seth Frightening.