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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Seth Frightening has a new video out for the song Dress Rehearsal Dead Meat, from his new album which is due out soon! Have a looky/listen:

Seth Frightening is currently on tour with the legendary All Seeing Hand, who released a new album last Friday called Fog & Debris:

This presumably from the band’s press release: “The All Seeing Hand have access to an eye with more precision and scope than the Five Eyes of the dominant Western powers; One Eye through All Eyes, the Empathic Eye. They have disregarded petty rhetoric on concerns of law and collated the meta-data of human experience within this vast universe; not merely the meagre digital interactions confined to the World Wide Web, but a grand repository dedicated to living action and thought. They have experienced and analysed the thinking and behaviours of this radical species whose impact is becoming extraterrestrial. And while they wish to share their findings, they want you to know that you already know; and they are willing to manipulate you into a state in which you will be even more open to the new hierarchies they herald. It is a time to fear, a time to decode, a time to rejoice!”

Partake in the All Seeing Hand and Seth Frightening NZ Tour in Wellington this Saturday with the always excellent Orchestra of Spheres! T’will be a good one.

Orchestra of Spheres
Orchestra of Spheres playing Sun Ra at Meow, 6th June 2014


Monday, June 9th, 2014

A video for i.ryoko’s ‘Future Window II’ by Tristan Brooks, featuring footage and field recordings taken in Guiyang and Shanghai, China in 2013.

+ A ten-minute programme on the making of the recently released album ‘Opening‘ for Emma Smith’s Music 101 show on Radio New Zealand:

And some more photos from the i.ryoko Audio Foundation residency. These ones are from February 28th, taken at the Acoustics Centre at the University of Auckland. Many thanks to the acoustics technician, Gian Schmid, for facilitating my visit.

Sounds geeks marvel at this impressive two-level reverb chamber with rotating diffusers!

The anechoic chamber is designed to have no sound reflections at all. The room itself is isolated on rubber from the rest of the building on all six sides to stop sounds travelling through the walls from outside, and the large foam spikes are designed for maximum internal sound absorption, making this the closest to silence one can get, right in the centre of Auckland city! I had the luxury of being left in here alone and didn’t want to leave, such was the profound and calming effect of silence that is sadly absent from our noisy world!

You can hear a recording of this silence at the end of the album >


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Our Australian-based pals, A Dead Forest Index, have a new 4 track 12″ release out today through Pop Noire Records. You can stream it in full below and check out their new video Cast of Lines:


Friday, May 30th, 2014

The whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, has recently appeared on American television to speak more about his motives for exposing the incredibly invasive capabilities of intelligence agencies such as the NSA. Well worth a watch:

Snowden NBC Interview

((NOTE: This video has been removed from YouTube. You can watch it on the NBC site >

“I saw what was going on in the world. I believed the government’s arguments that we were going to do good things in Iraq, that we were going to free the oppressed. And I wanted to do my part to help share the national burden and create not just a better America, but a better world. The problem was, as time went on, […] as I saw more and more classified information at the highest levels, I realised that so many of the things that we’re told by the government simply aren’t true.

Much like the arguments about aluminium tubes and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Colin Powell’s speech about the vile of anthrax that Saddam was going to bring against us. The Iraq war that I signed up for was launched on false premises. The American people were mislead. Whether that was due to bad faith or simply mistakes of intelligence, I can’t say for sure. But I can say it shows the problem of putting too much faith in intelligence systems without debating them in public.”

[…] “Are you engaged in any kind of activites that we don’t approve of, even if they aren’t technically illegal. All of these things can raise your level of scrutiny, even if it seems entirely innocent to you, even if you have nothing to hide, even if you’re doing nothing wrong these activities can be misconstrued, misinterpreted and used to harm you as an individual even without the government having any intent to do you wrong. The problem is that the capabilities themselves are unregulated, uncontrolled and dangerous.”

[…] “I don’t think anybody who has been in the intelligence community for almost a decade, as I have been, is really shocked by the specific types of general operations when they’re justified. What’s more shocking for anybody is not the dirtiness of the business, it’s the dirtiness of the targeting. It’s the dirtiness of the way these things are being used. It’s the lack of respect for the public, and the lack of respect for the intrusiveness of surveillance.”

[…] “Senior officials are investing themselves with powers that they’re not entitled to, and they’re doing it without asking the public for any kind of consent.”


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

We are pleased to say our 48 Hour film is now online after winning the ‘Incredibly Strange’ award at the Wellington finals and being nominated for ‘Sexiest Looking Short’. Perhaps you can see why…

Speaking of film, I’ve been gradually trying to make my way through Werner Herzog’s filmography, and the more I see, the more I come to the conclusion that he is the coolest guy alive! The following interview may be two hours long but it’s thoroughly entertaining and illuminating of the mad genius:

If that’s too long and you’d just like a little Herzog taste, check out his unique description of the jungle from the making of ‘Fitzcarraldo’ – ‘the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder’.

Wellington’s fantastical artist Georgette Brown is having another exhibition in a couple of weeks!

In other news – new releases from i.ryoko and Seth Frightening coming soon!!!


Monday, April 21st, 2014

NZ IDLE: Here’s a comedic little web-series made in Wellington about life on the unemployment benefit. Genius! Only three episodes are out thus far, more coming soon…

Episode 2 | Time Management Skills
Episode 3 | ‘Compelled to Work!’ Scheme

FLAT WHITE GUY: A pretty great 48 Hour Film out of Auckland from 2011 that didn’t quite make it in on time. (Thanks Eliot!)

“WHATEVEREST is a documentary about the unlikely inspiration behind a dance tune produced by Todd Terje called “Inspector Norse”. “Inspector Norse” is the internet alias of Marius Solem Johansen, a failed musician living in a small town, producing dance videos and drug recipes for YouTube.”

MISCELLANY: 04.04.14

Friday, April 4th, 2014


900 – I.RYOKO
1200 – E N T

TOUCAN BROWN, a musical home movie – here’s a lovely doco of Athuzela Brown’s tour of the South Island with Toucan Stubbs earlier this year. Made by Theo Taylor:

The annual 48 Hour Film Festival starts tonight. Hopefully we’ll get ours in on time this time! To get us in the mood, here’s a funny old one by Taika Waititi (Director of Boy, Eagle Vs Shark, etc):

MISCELLANY : 25.03.14

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Loomio is a free and open-source, collaborative decision-making tool that could do wonders for the world, and it is currently being developed by some amazing people in Wellington. They’re running a crowd-funding campaign to raise development funds and have so far raised over $38,000 (with a goal of $100,000 and 22 days to go). Investigate, donate to a worthy cause and change the world for the better!

The show starts at 9.15 with i.ryoko – and short sets to fit in the five acts by midnight!

Poster by Lily Paris West

This is a mini-documentary made by Wellington’s master sound-designer, Tim Prebble (with the help of cinematographer Ian Powell), made during his Auckland Regional Council residency at Little Huia. Tim also runs a reliably fascinating blog called The Music of Sound – worth a peruse!


Thursday, January 30th, 2014

A play directed by Daniel Emms, with original music by i.ryoko

Friday 7 – Tuesday 11 February, 7.30pm (4pm matinee only on Sunday the 9th)
@ Te Whaea Theatre

“When something leaves our lives, how do we cope? Do we wallow in our bedrooms with ice cream and movies, party like nothing has changed, or just start running?

How do we find peace?

Contained within the monolithic architecture of Te Whaea Theatre, The Hades Complex seeks to capture the volatile forces at work within the process of losing something close to us.

Inspired by classical and ancient mythology, the piece uses visionary, sensory and visceral experiences to explore human behaviour around grief and loss. The piece invites you into a series of worlds ranging from the grotesque to the uniquely beautiful.

Populated by epic characters, surreal costumes, a transformative lighting design and joined by the musical force that is i.ryoko; The Hades Complex promises to be an un-missable theatrical event.”

(Contains strobe lighting, partial nudity & some coarse language)

the hades complex

Tickets: $20, $15 (Conc.), $15 (Groups 6+) & $10 (Toi & NZSD student)
To book click HERE


Monday, January 20th, 2014

WOOP! The great Allison Schulnik has produced another spectacular video work! (Great music by Aaron M Olson also!)

& here’s an interview with the artist, thanks to Beautiful/Decay: